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ITERM project name Parameter
1 Equipment model HN-4015C-1000W
2 Processing format 4000 × 1500 (mm):
3 bed frame Full square tube welding, quenching treatment
4 Y-axis transverse effective cutting range 3000mm
5 X-axis longitudinal effective cutting 1500mm
6 Z-axis travel 150mm
7 Laser power 1000W (RAYCUS)
8 power supply 3-phase 380V, 50HZ
9 CNC system FSCUT CNC System
10 Display 17-inch LCD
11 interface R232, USB, industrial control
12 rack Taiwan imported YYC four-side grinding
13 guide Taiwan imports, Taiwan stability
14 Reducer Japan Xinbao
15 Servo drive system Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor
17 Workbench maximum load Both load 2500Kg
18 Maximum acceleration 1.5G
19 Slit width 0.15-0.3mm
20 Cutting head Swiss Raytools series, Swiss Jiaqiang
21 Jiao long F150MM
22 Capacitance height follow Raytools
23 Minimum setting unit: 0.001mm
24 beam Cast aluminum
25 Water cooling Wuhan Hanli
26 protecting mask
27 Controllable shielding gas
28 Edge detection
29 Gas system
30 Red light indication
31 Expert database
32 Longmen overall transportation
33 Compressed air supply system  
34 Drawing system
35 Fixed console
36 Alarm lighting system
37 Machine noise level: ≤75db
38 Cutting surface slope ≤1 degree, small deformation
39 wavelength 1070 nm
40 Laser divergence angle, (half angle) Less than 1.5mrad
41 Motion axis data
42 X axis:
43 Fast moving speed 100m/min
X-axis positioning speed 80-100m/min
stroke 3000mm
positioning accuracy 0.03mm/1000mm
Repeatability 0.01mm
Resolution 0.001mm
44 Y axis:
Fast moving speed 80m/min
Y axis positioning speed 80-100m/min
stroke 1500mm
positioning accuracy 0.03mm/1000mm
Repeatability 0.01mm
Resolution 0.001mm
45 Maximum linkage speed ≤129000mm/min
46 Z axis:
Cutting head lifting stroke 150mm
Resolution 0.001mm
47 Laser cutting special features:
46.1 Fast response surface following.
46.2 Missing and cutting back mode: Allows the operator to return instantly when a missed cut is found.
46.3 High speed response guarantees corner cutting quality.
46.4 Settable laser two-stage punching function to improve punching quality
46.5 Linear/circular interpolation and kerf compensation
46.6 Flying punching function for thin plate cutting; no pause during cutting of the thin plate, obviously improving cutting efficiency
46.7 Laser marking function. On the cut sheet, it can be marked after cutting to facilitate production management.
46.8 Automatic edge finding rotation

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